Forward UV Diamond Film Customizable Screen Protector Film XS (20 pcs)

Forward UV Diamond Film Customizable Screen Protector Film XS (20 pcs)

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Forward UV diamond film adopts imported optical substrate. The film is soft before sticking.

After sticking and curing, it will become firm and hard like glass film. It feels soft and comfortable without being astringent. It combines the Advantages of Tempered Film and Flexible Explosion-proof Film in One.

The downside is that it is super durable! ! !

1. Customizable: As a kind of hydrogel film, it can be customized for various mobile phone models to reduce inventory pressure.

2. High Hardness: No need glue, UV curing directly. The hardness of UV film after curing can reach 5H, it’s super anti-drop & scratch-resistant.

3. 100% fit to curved phone screen: New UV optical technology & vacuum adsorption, make it easy to achieve seamless fit of curved screen protector.

4. High transparency & Smooth as glass: The clarity is far superior to the peer, and the touch is smooth, giving you a better gaming experience.

5. Full screen coverage:No dust, no warping edges, no white edges.

6. Extra Gel: The whole film is glued, which can be completely attached to the screen of the mobile phone.

7. Unlock seconds: Ultra-thin (about 0.18mm) fingerprint unlocking in seconds, unparalleled unlocking accuracy.